THE STAMPEDE…Tammy’s Powerful Dream


The Dream

  1. I just remember it was a father who was displeased with his daughter because she had everything but seemed still unhappy.
  2. He was a president (Not our current president).
  3. He went outside and said “You have all this!” I saw a herd of cattle sitting down. They were painted. Some were red, or blue, and had a white star on them.  Like the Texas flag. Others had a full flag painted on them. One bull had silver horns.
  4. Then as he is waving his arms he stirred them up and they went into a dangerous stampede.


The Interpretation

—  The father / president – represents our Father in Heaven.

—  A father who was displeased with his daughter because she had everything but seemed still unhappy – The daughter is symbolic of the church (or part of the church); the body of Christ.     In the dream, God is frustrated.  His daughter in many ways has everything, yet she is ungrateful.

—  The cattle – represents God’s provision (especially in our country – America has enjoyed unique prosperity).

Christian Dream Interpretation

—  Like the Texas flag – speaks of God’s provision being grand (big…like Texas); the greatness of God’s provision (Texas is known for being big).

—  One bull had silver horns – speaks of the magnitude and majesty of God’s provision which is kind of like the goose that laid the golden egg.  The goose that laid the golden egg is unlike any other goose.  It is special.  In this dream, the bull with silver horns is special.  God’s provision and abundance to America (like the bull with the silver horns) has been special and unique.

The Application

—  If we have God’s provision & protection (and we do), then we are rich.  If we as the church are not careful we can become a very ungrateful people not giving God the praise and thanksgiving he deserves … loosing the ability to recognize the blessings that God has given us.

—  For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.  –Matthew 25:29

—  If we use what we have with thanksgiving and gratitude, we will be blessed.  However, if we are ungrateful and complain…we may lose even what we already have…just like in the dream when the cattle went into a dangerous stampede. 

—  If we have God’s provision and protection then we are rich. 



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